At Faith Wesleyan Church, we believe that God has given all of us gifts and talents to use to serve the body of Christ and to tell an unbelieving world the gospel story. We have several ministry teams that allow for you to use those gifts and talents.  Feel free to click the email link to one or more teams and the team leaders will get you all the details!

Grounds/Cleaning Crew

Much like the Cleaning Team, the GROUNDS/CLEANING CREW is responsible for making sure the facility is ready each week…on the inside/outside!  Teams serve on a monthly rotation mowing grass, weed eating and other general landscaping needs and projects and inside cleaning the church. Monthly time commitment: 2 hours.  This group is open to all.

Children’s Ministry

Faith Wesleyan Church has many young families.  Our goal is to create stimulating environments where children learn the Gospel at their level, while adults can enjoy and participate in the worship service, too! Children’s Ministry serves children birth through 6th grade.  Age-specific teams serve on a monthly rotation. Monthly time commitment: 2 hours.  This group is open to regular attenders.  Children’s Ministry Team Members are background checked prior to serving.

Music Team

Music plays a big part of our weekly worship services.  A team of musicians leads the participants in singing, praying and celebrating our God!  Team members serve on a rotation. Monthly time commitment: 4 hours.  This group is open to regular attenders and serves after an auditioning process.

Tech Team

Have an ear for music?  Love working with computers?  The TECH TEAM is a perfect fit for you!  This team is responsible for mixing the sound during the service, projecting lyrics and video on the screens and controlling lighting in the auditorium.  Monthly time commitment: 4 hours.  This group is open to all.

Welcome Team/Greeters

Love smiling at people?  The WELCOME TEAM/GREETERS is your place to serve then!  This team is responsible for greeting people as they arrive for services.  This team also hands out gifts to first-time guests, gathers the offering and welcomes people back at the end of the day.  Team members serve once per month in a 10-person group. Monthly time commitment: 2 hours.  This group is open to all regular attenders.